Richard Scott

Richard Scott is a renowned country musician, awarded the telly award for best country music video

He received two first round nominations for Grammy awards and offers authentic country music to his listeners around the world. Richard’s passion for music is powered by his QUEST – Quality Unserpassed Every single Time. He believes in reaching out to the hearts that are lonely by giving them a ray of hope and a relaxing time with his original music composition.

He is determined to change the music industry and make country music affordable for the masses. He will be launching various music videos and CD’s for his fans. Check out the music page for more details on his albums and works.


Richard Scott, Musician, Vocalist and Songwriter, began his love for performance in the
late 1970’s. Since that time he has played multiple venues as a soloist and as part of various bands coast to coast.

Club goers in cities like Las Vegas, New York City and Orlando will undoubtedly remember their initial experience when Richard took the stage and his talents came to life.

One of the greatest accomplishments of Richard’s early career was the successful production of his first album, in the days of analog technology. This previous recording has been digitally remastered and is in now being re released as Dreaming Of You by Richard Scott.

Richard’s musical talents include keyboards, guitar and drums, but his greatest passion is his vocals. Describing his style of musical sounds is not always an easy challenge. He blends traditional country, folk music, oldies and easy listening to keep his audience captured in the moment of each story.

After taking a break from his music to focus on the needs of his family, Richard has returned with a new album under development. This album will include a new variety of fresh songs also written and orchestrated by Richard himself. Solo performance engagements are planned beginning in early 2017.

One very noteworthy mention is that prior to Richard’s brief absence, in 2003 he was voted for two Grammy round one selections while with Mega International Records, for Best County Song and Best Male Vocalist Performance. That same year, Richard won the Golden Telly award for Best Country Music Video for an Independent Recording Artist for the song “Promise Me”

Check out www.RichardScottExperience.com to hear the remastered songs from Dreaming Of You, watch the award winning music video and others, and connect with the artist himself.

“I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.”
– James Taylor

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